We believe Restaurants can have a restorative impact on the planet.

Coming together to share challenges, ideas, questions and solutions will help us get further, faster toward the food system we need.

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To accelerate change toward an environmentally restorative and socially progressive hospitality sector in the UK.


Eating out is good for everyone and has a restorative impact on the planet.


We bring together progressive people working in food & empower them to change the system faster.

How can diners use the power of their appetites more wisely?
How can restaurants have a restorative impact on the planet?
How can food to go and takeaway businesses cut food waste in the home?
How can we reduce the compliance costs for restaurants in providing trust diners?

Just some of our partners

How can we help businesses across the industry reduce their carbon footprint by switching to green energy?


How can we make sustainability more accessible and win hearts and minds to drive change in practice across the drinks industry?


How can we equip foodservice businesses with the knowledge and tools to adopt a proactive approach to improve the water cycle, and drive industry-wide change?


How can we make KERB Seven Dials Market be the most sustainable street food destination in London?


How can we support our portfolio of businesses in serving dishes that are good for both people and planet?

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